wip of grouchy piratelord mom who also kinda looks like a shark? i’ve got sharks on the brain man i can’t help it anymore

i’m gonna draw this grouchy pirate mom and these sharkdog things and then im gonna open commissions up because i need money for things and this is a small post for myself so i don’t forget and/or talk myself out of it

I am a hardcore sucker for cool jerks so here is silvermender’s fantastic lady Bree, post gently rearranging someone’s face with her bare hands 



chatting with silvermender and drawing her BEAUTIFUL characters in kawaii school uniforms is the best thing i could have done with my evening tbh

YOU GAVE HIM TOO MANY HOPES MOS, give Karel anything that fits too tight and he’ll get a horrible self esteem boost to his overinflated ego. TOO BAD HE’S GOT TO REALIZE THE TRUTH BOUT SAILOR UNIFORMS. GIRLS ROCK ‘EM BEST.  i’m sure Noya would be hella cute in one tbh, big big buff lady wearing cute outfits   

and yes, Karel (and bree, and also anyone in their baron gestalt by default) has bristly hair quills. He gets GHIBLI HAIR FLOOF WHEN HE FEELS HIS ALPHA POSITION IS BEING CHALLENGED, in this case by sailor Noya

BUT DAMN, mos aaah real talk this is the cutest thing. i made this jerk with the express purpose of having him be the skimpy outfit character and YOU ARE THE WORST ENABLER 

there’s definitely going to be awful fisty cuffs after this, or a lot of puffed of chests and strutting. karel’s an idiot like that (19 years old primed for dork)  dammit mos, thank your ridic presh draws 

WHHHomg I’m gonna cry for real~ YOU’RE SLAYING ME HERE look at these big hulking jerks competing for the title of Looks Cutest in a Sailor Uniform which will either be a bloodbath or a hideous pose-off or probably a little of both and uuu it’s everything i’ve ever wanted and I’m gonna have to sit down and collect myself THANK YOU SILV THIS IMPROVED MY LIFE GREATLY 

chatting with silvermender and drawing her BEAUTIFUL characters in kawaii school uniforms is the best thing i could have done with my evening tbh

painting practice with a sketch of noya that i liked- gotta do something with a solid background soon to shake all this rust off hhmgh

I just want to say how cute your OCs are, as their relationship :) It makes me smile to see how much they love each other.

oh aaah thank you so much- it makes me really happy knowing that people like them! I get really worried that I’m drawing/talking about them too often- but I’m trying to be more confident because i really do enjoy drawing them and I’M SO GLAD that you enjoy them too!



Noya blushes real bad at basically everything and Lenly thinks it’s hysterical, also here are my gay monsters again i drew them AGAIN 

15 & 21: Summer Clothes and Most Expensive Thing Owned:

Lenly has more of a wardrobe than Noya does- probably owing to the fact that she takes pretty good care of her stuff whereas noya Ruins All Things pretty much immediately.. the fact that those boots have lasted so long is an actual miracle

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Title: Hot Sand
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agaroux replied to your post: look at these shitty snot-nosed babies…

HOLY SHIT I PLAY THIS POS TOOOO. add me: rougaroux

ALLISON YESSSS i’m glad to know you play the dragon clicker game as well

look at these shitty snot-nosed babies i made

3: Work uniform

Lenly used to be a TEEN WITCH of sorts, and here is a kind of armor suit thing that went along with the job

12: Traveling/Tourist Clothes
Noya likes clothing that can stand a little rough play- while Lenly tends to dress for comfort with room to hide small, disquieting things. 

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