painted character commission for blastermath! this one turned out really nice i think, but maybe i’m just biased towards painting long hair and loose jackets eheh

OH MAN ah thanks for all the birthday wishes! yall are great and i’ll be posting art again soon, i promise, eheh

TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY and I’ve already shaved my head (with help from my sister) and eaten a fat plate of sushi, which is all I’ve wanted for like 2 weeks so this turned out pretty good I think

got my halloween spirit set at 100% 

sketch commission for titsandtrees of her super cute character~ and aaah she was hella fun to draw too! 


stay up phone textin like a dumbass drawing mosaur's super cool characters being gay even tho originally it was gonna be hot nsfw BUT NOOO THANK YOU DUMB SAD MUSIC COME UP

also yeah Bree’s actually p nice this isn;t a retcon or anything just i never get cute asks for her so yeah SHEGETSCONCERNEDABOUTHUGSANDTHEPERSONtoo

mos i’mSTILLSOsosorry god *guiltywheeze*

I was finishing up a commission and chatting w silv AND LOOK WHAT SHE DID??!?! she drew my crybaby idiots and my heart very nearly exploded out of my chest like 8 times

Call For Submissions For a Buff Babes Zine!!




Hey guys, you wanna know what this world is severely lacking??

Strong muscly women!!

You wanna know what would be hella rad?? 

A zine about strong, muscly women!!

I’m looking for people to contribute to this zine and make it the best thing since egg white protein powder. So! Here’s the downlow:

Who can contribute?

This will be an ART and WRITING zine, so if you can write, flex those writing muscles!! If you can draw, lemme see those defined quadriceps!! If you want to team up with someone to create a piece, go for it!! Don’t have someone to team with but want to? Send a message and I’ll pair you up!!

Note: This will be a CURATED zine to help attain the highest quality possible. Writing accompanied by art is preferred, as this is mainly an art zine.

What should I draw/write about?

Anything, so long as it is about a buff woman/women. Personal stories to favorite/inspiring athletes to workout routines to self-indulgent eyecandy are all acceptable!! Even lady on lady romance is a-ok!!

Note: No erotica (this time around). Vulvas gotta be covered, nips can only be shown if it’s TASTEFUL. Showing the booty is fine. Though, you can have them doing that pretty much deliciously pornographic thing where they have a thumb in their waistband, pulling down their underwear to show off their 8-pack, privates barely covered, in fact it’s almost encouraged…

How many pages/words can I submit?

Poems: up to 500 words

Short story: up to 4000 words

Illustration: 2 pages (can be separate pieces)

Comics: 4 pages

Illustrated story: 4 pages (4500 words, about 1 page of small/spot illustrations)

What size should I draw at? Will this be in color?

5.5in x 4.25in with a 3.75in x 5in active area (1/4in bleed on each side).

YES this will be in color!! Please show off those glorious, glistening skin tones!!

When do submissions close?

Sunday, December 21 and midnight. That should give everyone ample time to complete their pieces.

I got another question!! / There’s something you didn’t cover!!

Oh snap really?? Shoot me an ask and I’ll answer it!!

Have fun kiddos!! Keep pumpin’ those creative muscles!! Lookin’ forward to seein’ all the cool stuff you guys make!!

Please signal boost and pass this around!! I’d like to get as may people contributing as I can


Ah man, anytime I get to draw sweet monsters is the best time. This was a hella fun sketch commission of gaytruckerblog's character Achenar

heyy this is really random, but i really like your art! it has this cool blocky/squarey feel? and i think the colours you choose in your paintings are always really nice :D haha anyway i look forward to more of your art, have a great day!

Oh thank you! I’m glad you’re liking my stuff so far, that’s so cool to hear- and HEY WOW, I really like the way you paint too, especially that strong lighting and man your colors seem so lush and confident- I definitely wanna see more of your stuff too!!

I gotta go to work but thanks for the commission inquires so far!! All my commission slots are FULL UP (I do have a small waitlist going, if anyone still has a burning desire for me to draw them something) so that’s way more interest than i expected phew!

How about commissioning me? I DRAW GOOD and will DRAW YOU A GOOD THING for money!

I don’t do graphic porn or hard gore but anything else you could think up is fine by me.

Here’s prices and more info, please send me an ask if you’re interested~ and if you could reblog or share this post i’d be mega grateful, thank you!

Marlunds are big fast carnivores that’ve been domesticated and bred for all different kinds of work. They’re kind of a mix between sighthound, shark and lion and don’t you ever put your hands near their mouths 

The original breed, the big purple bastards, are prized as status symbols more than companion animals, because they’re the least domesticated and still pretty hard to breed. And the little stout hammerheads are the most common & have the best temperament (also they’re the cutest)


I MADE A TWITTER and celebratin with a sketch of presh monstery Noya for mosaur


AHH IT’S MY GROSS CHILD, i’ve already gushed about this but im gonna do it some more because you got her big shit-eating grin down pat and just LOOK HOW GOOD!!!!

STEAKHOUSE RESTAURANT all the meats. Your job sounds way more eventful~~

24 HR steak access????!?! dang i WANT that- and aaa man I don’t know anything about restaurant work (besides working one summer at a dragstrip food vendor which was less of a restaurant and more of a gigantic, unchecked health hazard) so hey your job might be more exciting than mine!

Ex-package handler high five! XD One time we had live crabs ship through and they had to go to damages. Imagine our surprise.

HECK YES man, I hope to one day be an ex-package handler too!! and aaa poor lil crab buddies, thats such a rough ride for anything alive. We only seem to get bugs and sometimes very small feeder fish, which i try to treat as gently as possible ;u;

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